2016, 25'46", video 16:9, color, stereo, HD
Arabic / Catalan / Dutch / English / Flemish / French / German / Hebrew / Italian / Polish / Romanian / Russian / Spanish / Swiss German spoken
English subtitles

with the support of - TENTOO Payrol Professionals, Flemish Community Commission, Beursschouwburg Brussels, ARGOS Centre for Art and Media
distribution & preservation - ARGOS Centre for Art and Media

At the panoramic lookout Mirador del Estrecho, located at the southernmost tip of Europe, tourists gather to take pictures of the stunning view. They comment on what they see on the other side, the African continent. It is so close the European and African continent almost seem to touch. That explains the importance of the Strait of Gibraltar as a migration route, not only for the migratory birds spotted there, but also for refugees trying to reach Europe.
mirador is centered around spectatorship and the act of watching itself. Like silent witnesses the tourist, the migrant, the audience and the camera look at the landscape and indirectly at each other. They look at the other side, to what seems to appear like a fata morgana. The seducing power of the landscape and its image is selling us all a dream while the feeling of ‘us’ versus ‘them’ and ‘here’ versus ‘there’ holds up a mirror revealing a postcolonial gaze in a world of increasing mobility and globalisation.

ARGOS TV - Argos, Brussels (BE), 2022
Super Room: Ecosystems of Relations - Super Dakota, Brussels (BE), online, 2021
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The Raft - Art is (not) Lonely - Ostend (BE), curated by Jan Fabre and Joanna De Vos, 2017
Cinema Without Border - One Shot International Short Film Festival, Yerevan (AM), 2017
Some Arguments Later - ISELP, Brussels (BE), curated by Messidor and Florence Cheval, 2017
Come Together - Black Box Screenings - Beursschouwburg, Brussels (BE), 2016

Flemish Community Collection, Mu.ZEE, Ostend (BE)